About Us

Hack Communications is a Newcastle based integrated marketing and communications agency with an extensive range of expertise within the traditional, digital and creative fields. Our team provides high-quality results, which are cost-effective and will get your business a return on investment. Our services include, but are not limited to Traditional Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Influencer Marketing and YouTube advertising.

Creating digital content is essential within this day and age, and with the help of a digital marketing and advertising agency like Hack Communication, we can assist in creating an online marketing strategy which will give your business a boost in sales, conversions and will see you getting results through content marketing sooner rather than later. Hack Communications can create branded messages, which influence your consumers purchasing decisions and the overall brand awareness of your business within the digital world. Whether you are after an email marketing campaign, a marketing plan, social media management, guidance with an influencer marketing campaign, social media marketing and management, putting up a sponsored post, creating a cost-effective marketing campaign, content marketing, working with you to create Google AdWords content, SEO services, Pay-per-click advertising or even marketing your website design and web development – we’re a small, local creative agency with a lot of potential, and we want to help you reach yours.

Effective communications and marketing is a time-consuming process, as a business owner, you and your team doesn’t have the time, experience, knowledge or skill to be able to effectively communicate to your target audience and create a high-quality digital marketing and social media strategy, which is why it is vital you get in touch with the Hack Communications team today. Our team can lead your business to have successful and effective communication and marketing strategy, with clear goals and realistic communication and marketing tools to fully reach your businesses goals and ambitions within the digital world.

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