Sometimes what your business really needs is an external party to look at all your current communication tools and marketing techniques to ultimately tell you what is working and what’s not. Too often, we have businesses come to us believing that their communications and marketing is top of the range. Still, the reality is, if it was, you wouldn’t be coming to us for assistance. The team at Hack Communications are skilled, experienced professionals who love helping businesses reach their full potential and achieve and exceed goals which are set.

A communication audit created by Hack Communications looks into your current communication tools, internal and external factors, and provides recommendations and improvements necessary for your communications plan to be more effective and efficient within your business. Whether you are communicating with current customers, potential customers, your team, or other stakeholders, it is essential that you have communication pathways and tools in place to be able to handle any problematic situation. The Hack Communications team looks into each communication tool and then provides a detailed analysis and recommendations from our findings.

After conducting the audit, Hack Communications will then put a Communication plan together which will include goals and objectives, strategies and tactics as well as critical messaging we see as essential for successful communications between your business, customers and stakeholders involved. The communications plan also investigates different audiences your business will be communicating with (both internally and externally) and even the channels and pathways you should be communicating on. Let the Hack Communications team create a cohesive, in-depth analysis of your business, and what communication tools you can be implementing to have more tremendous success, both internally and externally today!

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