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A successful and effective social media account takes time, commitment and should be done with a strategy and results at the forefront of every post. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or even the viral TikTok app, Newcastle Digital marketing agency, Hack Communications can do it all when it comes to cost effective marketing services. Whether you’re just starting out in your business endeavours or looking to focus more on the heart of your business but still want to have a social media presence, the Hack Communications team can build your audience and increase your overall brand awareness to get you excellent real results on every platform.

With Hack Communications, our team uses years of experience and up to date knowledge to create a unique content and digital marketing strategy for your brand and business. We also collaborate with our team’s other skills and expertise in website development and design, graphic design, email marketing, google AdWords and pay per click. Our social media marketing, strategy and management services give you realistic, measurable results, so you can save time on your social media management tasks and get back to what you do and love best as a business owner. Not only do we love creating content, both written and visual that gets people talking and creating a buzz around your brand, we also love analysing your posts, measuring and optimising your overall social media efforts as well as specific marketing campaigns.

Our Social Media strategy packages are customisable, so if you’re not quite ready to commit to the full package, you can pay a one-off fee for the social media strategy – which will provide you with adequate information to launch or relaunch your social media platforms yourself, with realistic and achievable strategies and tactics to get you on your way. But, if you want to put your social media platforms into the hands of experts, to really start seeing results and increase brand awareness and conversions for your website, we will certainly recommend talking to the team about our social media package which includes the initial strategy and plan, social media management, campaign creation and management. Not only will we be assisting in making sure your social media channels are always up to scratch when it comes to content and ads, but we then also provide you with detailed reporting and analysis, showcasing what is working and what we need to adapt to create a more successful overall social media presence for your business, taking into account competitors in the industry, and replicating market trends, setting your business up as a leader in the field. 

 Get in touch with the Hack Communications team today and let us work out what the best option for your business’s social media presence is and how you can start seeing results and conversions through the use of our social media package.

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