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Whilst the Hack Communications PR Agency in Newcastle primarily focuses on digital media and marketing activities, that’s not to say there still isn’t potential for some businesses to succeed when it comes to traditional media and the opportunities this media type can provide for your business. Whether it is a press release, newspaper advertisement or organising a radio ad for your local station, the Hack Communication team can liaise with these media platforms to get your message heard, and your business out there. Print and radio advertisement are a great way to generate leads. In contrast, editorial pieces are a great way to gain recognition and community authority through unpaid written articles which help increase brand awareness and position within the industry and the local community.

Unlike digital media, it is essential to treat traditional media as a longer-term investment because responses and acknowledgment of these forms of media tend to come in more gradually. In contrast, digital marketing strategies can often be immediate and easily measurable through the click-through nature of the digital advertisement. The main focus for traditional media marketing is to create a compelling ad or story which grabs the attention of your market – Hack Communications can create a clear, concise marketing concept for your business, which will increase overall brand awareness and can lead to some fantastic conversion results if your market is positioned as a prominent industry within the traditional media marketing landscape.

Hack Communications Marketing Agency Newcastle

Engaging the Hack Communications Marketing Agency NSW in your Public Relations activities is an excelled way to help your brand or business cultivate a positive reputation with the public. You can engage your business in Public Relations activities through various unpaid or earned communications, including traditional media, social media and in-person engagements. Public Relations is used as a storytelling marketing technique; however, the difference between a marketer and public relations campaign is that the Public Relations campaign is done through unpaid or earned media which can include organic press, social media accounts mentioning the business, mentions on other blog posts and articles written about your business to name a few.

It is best to keep in mind that Public Relations activities are an effective way of reaching the general public, the press release or mention isn’t trying to reach a paying customer or your typical primary audience member but instead is trying to reach the general public and as many people within in the wider community. What this does for your business is gets its story into the minds of individuals, groups or other businesses that didn’t even know they needed your product or service. Hack Communications works with your business and overall brand to create compelling, authentic stories which are guaranteed to create a buzz and awareness of your business and its current undertakings, whether that be a new product or service just about to launch or community event your business is getting involved with. Let the Hack Communications team work with you to create persuasive stories using creative marketing to get your brand and business seen and heard, today!

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