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If you are a national brand, then YouTube advertising might be for you. It has all the benefits of traditional Television advertisement and none of the drawbacks. The Hack Newcastle YouTube Advertising & Video Marketing Agency strongly advocates that most conventional mediums of advertising are modern-day scams with generic targeting and nonspecific results.

The YouTube ad platform (part of google ads) is the opposite of traditional advertisement; it’s highly targetable, cost-effective, and when done well, generates great success and brand awareness.

Google has recently implemented further controls for advertisers for the kind of content you want your ads to appear in conjunction with; third combined with the industry-leading control over demographics and audience makes YouTube advertising an invaluable tool for larger businesses and essential for any successful e-commerce store.

Whilst the ad placements on YouTube are cheap, the video content production of the ad can be expensive; it’s essential to understand that in many cases, no ad is better than some ads; because most advertisements are interrupting the user experience on YouTube, its necessary that your advertisements are highly effective in being entertaining, not just informing the audience.

True View (discovery / in-display or in-stream): In-display advertisement are placed in natural positions on the YouTube platform, including at the top of playlists and in suggested videos to users. These are usually non-intrusive. In-stream ads are played before the video. Both types of ads can be any length, and Both types are pay per View; however, the View is defined differently. Simply, in-stream ads view count when the video is viewed for more than 30 seconds or if the video leads to engagement, whereas In-display ads are counted when the user clicks to view it, regardless of interactions or view time. Both have their purpose, but it’s essential to conduct enough research and modelling to avoid wasting budget on TrueView ads; YouTube optimises these for views, not interaction, the Hack video advertising agency can help you out with this decision.

YouTube's Video Marketing Services


Pre-roll ads are non-skippable shorts that in hacks experience should be no more than 15 seconds. Pre-roll ads are pay per click and often cheaper than in display and in-stream ads placements. This format is optimised for a click, so you must have a strategy to convert potential customers in conjunction with these ads


Bumpers ads are the best of both worlds and are relatively underutilized by advertisers. They are non-skippable like pre-roll ads but can also have a click-through option.

There are no hard and fast rules for which types of Ad your brand should use, and our video marketing company has seen them all used with success (and failure). Generally speaking, in-display ads work best for branding, and pre-roll ads work best for specific sales campaigns and goals. This has been a discussion on the advertisements that the YouTube platform itself offer; some of the best value opportunities on YouTube are through the creators themselves. We believe it is this invaluable knowledge that makes us Newcastle’s best video marketing agency.

In addition to our video content marketing services, our Hack Creative team offers video production agency services and professional photography. The Hack Creative team is fantastic at creating high quality content and works with your business to ensure the end result is optimal for you.

The Hack Creative team can create the following and more:

  • YouTube Video Advertisements & TV Commercials
  • Explainer Videos & Training Videos
  • Local Business Video Production
  • All other Video Marketing Campaigns

We also specialise in Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing, find out more here.